Using our expertise in IPs to broaden our service in the non-IP sector.

Familiarity with multiple industries is a byproduct of our decades of working intensely in IPs. We have turned this familiarity into our expertise in non-IP services and it has also contributed to our ability to be adaptive to technology. When it comes to non-IP, our prowess in this field is technology-related industries, including telecommunications, information technology, e-commerce, and personal data protection. Besides, you can also come to us when professional assistance is needed in issues about corporate, contract, labor, etc.

For us, being your honest solution provider is our effort goal. Our legal advice is fundamental, but what you will receive is beyond that since providing a practical solution is a crucial part of our service. We always carry the enthusiasm of clients serving with us whenever we help you identify and minimize your legal risks. As for more complicated issues such as existing disputes which have already happened, we explore all possible options to provide you advice that will allow you to deal with the problems in the smoothest, most time-efficient and cost-efficient manner. We can ensure that your complications will be made simpler regardless of what the issues are. Our service covers negotiations, mediations, lawsuits, and arbitrations. You can rely on us is in handling complicated matters. We are well trained to deal with administrative contracts, complex financial transactions, consumer protections, and even computer crimes. Many of which involve a high stake, which in some cases are valued up to billions of baht. Whatever service you need, we always have a practical solution to o

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